Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Good Review For "Carousel"

Bev liked it!
Mitchell Worrell-Olson plays Billy Bigelow, the charismatic carnival barker in charge of the carousel, where he meets Julie Jordan (Jori Gonzales). Julie lives in a home for young women and is very naive in the ways of the world. Billy is a player with flirtations with many women, though somehow he is captivated by Julie and the two, against the wishes of everyone, marry.

Worrell-Olson, though only 19, has a voice that needs no augmentation as he fills the theater. He’s a bit wobbly on the higher notes, but that in no way detracts from his performance. He has the uneasy attitude of a man unsure about the proper young woman with whom he has become infatuated.

Gonzales, who has now portrayed many DMTC heroines, simply shines as Julie, in her feelings for Billy, her heartbreak at his death and her quiet, lonely dignity as she raises their daughter alone. She’s a real gem.

Laura M. Smith provides comic relief as Carrie Pipperidge, swooning over “Mr. Snow.” Like Gonzales she is also a gem — beautiful voice, great comic timing and a wonderful companion to Julie.

As for Brian McCann as Enoch Snow, he’s a great combination of quiet and expression and could not be more perfect. He’s great fun to watch on stage, especially leading the parade of little Snows.

Marguerite Morris is Mrs. Mullin, Billy’s employer, who owns the carousel and who tries to break up Billy’s marriage to Julie. With her copper-red wig and outlandish costume (by Jean Henderson), she lights up the stage in each of her scenes.

Kasper Cummins has the small role of Nettie Fowler, but hers may be one of the more memorable scenes in the show, as she sings “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” following Billy’s death.

Katie Smith-Induni plays Louise, Billy and Julie’s 15-year-old daughter, dancing on the beach when Billy returns to life for one day. She’s lovely and earnest in talking to her mother about the father she never had a chance to meet.

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