Friday, October 06, 2017

"Imagine Dragons" Evolve Tour - Golden One Arena - October 4, 2017: Part 3 - Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons - Real crowd pleasers!

The lead singer opened with an impassioned plea that the violence in Las Vegas must not stop music gatherings like this one from occurring. The band is from Las Vegas. The shootings really hurt.

I liked their subtle emphasis on science.

I was surprised the band had an 'unplugged' segment, featuring string instruments. I've never seen this before, in any rock concert. Imagine Dragons stopped playing midway in the concert and strolled to a smaller stage located on the floor opposite the main stage. Among several songs, they sang a tribute to the recently-deceased singer, Tom Petty, with his song "Won't Back Down" - the theme of the entire evening, actually.

I was here to see Tom Petty in this very Arena on September 1st - scarcely a month ago. You just never know....

When they finished, the band strolled back to the main stage to finish the evening.

Here's a video from the cheap seats at the October 4th concert at Sacramento's Golden One Arena. Imagine Dragons sing "It's Time". What a great anthem!

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