Friday, October 06, 2017

"Imagine Dragons" Evolve Tour - Golden One Arena - October 4, 2017: Part 1 - K. Flay

I've been a K. Flay fan for less than two months. I've never met anyone who is a K. Flay fan. Should I get a ticket for the concert featuring K. Flay opening for Grouplove and Imagine Dragons, when I don't know much about those two other groups? Do I like their music even? Especially when K. Flay won't get her share of attention?


I decided to go to the concert at the last conceivable instant - about an hour before the show. I knew I could get free parking where I used to work, but it meant a mile walk to get to Golden One Arena, and a mile walk to get back to my car. The cheapest seat in the Arena. Right up at the tippity top, on the side of the stage, where the stairs are so steep you may as well be a songbird on Everest.

K. Flay!

Does anyone here even know who she is? I got a T-Shirt. Spread the word.

Nothing gets me more excited than an excellent music video combined with Streamline Moderne and the American Southwest. Where was this filmed? I haven't been as excited by a pop song in a long time!

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