Monday, June 19, 2017


Grumpy on a hot evening.

I'm unhappy, mostly because the Police Department has a portable Diesel Generator running in front of my house, in order to power camera equipment watching the speed humps there. I don't know why they are watching the speed humps. The speed humps seem to work fine and they don't move around much, but the police need to watch them anyway. As an air quality modeler, I'm aware of just how high concentrations of air toxics can be around portable Diesel Generators. My house reeks of exhaust. I posted a complaint just below the police decal asking where their permit is. It makes me grumpy.

I went out front to water plants at 1:45 a.m. A raccoon with a sleek furry look approached me from behind some shrubbery. I spun around and aimed the hose at the raccoon. The raccoon flinched and retreated. The raccoon stared at me from a distance, looking grumpy, before ambling sullenly away.

Grumpy is contagious on a hot evening.

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