Monday, June 19, 2017

"All Eyez On Me"

Movie selection has been wretched for months. The Tupac biopic, "All Eyez on Me," premiering tonight, is the first glimmer of light for a while. I'm not even a Tupac fan. I just want to see a non-stupid movie.

I'm cooling my heels for the moment. I got the last ticket, but not for the 9:00 show, but the 10:40 show. This film is shaping up to be POPULAR!

This renovated theater is something else!

Curious movie. Curious redone theater. Tall seats made it seem empty even though it was full. Sacramento County Sheriffs in the lobby. A little overacted for my taste. Tupac was a mass of contradictions. My understanding of rap history is pretty sketchy, so like Adam foretold, I was befuddled at times. Glad they delved into the Black Panther mind set - people forget those days too easily. Smiled when the audience laughed at the appearance of Snoop Dogg. Smiled more at Digital Underground: I had no idea Tupac was with them. The Humpty Dance reminds of a street corner in Salt Lake City - Mormonland, 1990! Like it was yesterday! Thought I recognized one of the extras, but there's no trace of credits for extras I can find on the Internet. I hope it was her. Love Vegas, even under dark circumstances. In any event, the movie is kind of a first - a major-release historical rap biopic, and for that reason alone will be a big hit.

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