Sunday, April 02, 2017

Suddenly I'm An AC/DC Fan

I stumbled across this video of an AC/DC concert in Buenos Aires in 2009, and I'm completely mesmerized.

First, the fans. I didn't realize that AC/DC had become the favorite band of Argentine fĂștbol fans. It's a bit of a stretch - the Australian band sings in English; the Argentine fans speak Spanish - but the clarity, simplicity, blue-collar orientation and easy understandability of AC/DC's music makes it universal. Hell, you don't need to speak English at all. And the fans' enthusiasm makes them the best fans on Earth!

Second, the size of the arena. This place looks huge. Bigger than any place I've ever seen. I wonder if it can hold 100,000 people?

Third, the superb lighting and camera work! Arena sound quality is usually horrible.

Fourth, these bandmates are my age. Look at Angus Young, still going in his Australian school uniform! The video is a fantasy come true for people my age.

Apparently AC/DC ran into a forest of difficulties by 2014, so who can say what the future holds for them, but no question, they've had a superb run.

And I've always liked this song too:

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