Monday, April 03, 2017

Running Some Companies Must Be Hard

Trying hard, but falling short:
Lululemon (LULU) stock fell 21% Thursday, one day after the company predicted its sales would drop this quarter. The culprit, according to CEO Laurent Potdevin: Its clothes don't pop online.

"We have clearly identified the issues: An assortment lacking depth in color for spring, compounded with visual merchandising that did not powerfully translate our design vision," Laurent said on a conference call for investors.

To stave off the problem, Lululemon will launch more colorful clothes on its website as soon as next week, Potdevin said.

...Lululemon has been hurt by problems with its merchandise before. In 2013, a recall of black pants that were too sheer -- in other words, see-through -- hit sales and profits. Former CEO Christine Day stepped down after the debacle. And in 2015, Lululemon recalled some women's tops because hard-tipped drawstrings were injuring wearers.

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