Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fire Hose

The cold front has been passing like a huge fire hose from north to south Sunday afternoon in California, first pressure-washing Modesto, then Fresno, and now Visalia.

I thought I understood flooding patterns in my basement, but while I was in Davis Sunday afternoon, brand new patterns appeared. I've got some sodden boxes, and a few ruined magazines, but it's still early yet with this series of storms. More damage is always a possibility in the days ahead.

It'll probably rain every day until Thursday. The drought can't take much more of this abuse. Tonight, I heard a distant sound. Took awhile to recognize the sound. Frogs. Croaking frogs puts the drought on life support in northern California.

Midnight: The fire hose just hit Bakersfield.

11 a.m. Monday: Now, even Blythe is getting a (much weakened) fire hose.

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