Friday, January 20, 2017

Bumping Higher On The Lists!

We have 11 days left in the month, and it's already the 3rd-wettest January on record at Sacramento Executive Airport (which has been recording since 1941). We will have just one more large storm this month, coming in on Sunday, and it's likely we'll reach first place. After that, it's likely we'll have nothing until about February 5th.

For the record, these Januarys are:

Year Inches of Rain
1978 9.14
1997 9.05
2017 8.91

Using the longer record of the "Downtown" Sacramento met station (which goes back to 1877), we're already the 9th wettest January on record:

Year Inches of Rain
1911 12.72
1995 12.35
1896 9.76
1909 9.65
1978 9.61
1993 9.37
1916 9.35
1878 9.26
2017 8.94

Last night, I took a look at the CNFRC QPF forecast. It looks like we'll reach 10.50 inches of rain for the month, which will put us first and third on these lists, respectively.

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