Thursday, January 19, 2017

Apocalypse Now

Given the strength of the storm that came roaring in today, I was reluctant to drive to Davis for the monthly DMTC Board Meeting this evening, but duty called.

I don't know what happened to Davis traffic tonight - presumably the high winds and horizontal rains - but traffic was bollixed worse than I had ever seen. The miles-long rows of automobile headlights in all directions made it appear as if everyone was trying to leave Davis all at once, just as I was arriving. It was the Apocalypse, and everyone heard the news but me.

At the Board Meeting, I silently fretted about the large oak tree that looms above my house. The momentum arm on its largest branch is incredible. It's just a matter of time before all that wood comes through my roof. Would it be tonight?

After the Board Meeting, I went shopping at Target, and was surprised again by just how few people were there. The roads were deserted in all directions. When it is the Apocalypse, you don't hang around.

The biggest surprise of all was arriving home in Sacramento and discovering a eucalyptus branch weighing several hundred pounds sitting in the driveway where I usually park. The young and vigorous eucalyptus tree growing next door had a hidden flaw. If I hadn't gone to the DMTC Board Meeting, my car would have been smashed. Meanwhile, the precarious oak tree remains as poised as ever. I'll break out the chain saw tomorrow morning.

Moral: Be contrary when the next Apocalypse comes around. Don't run away - make friends with the Zombies.

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