Monday, December 05, 2016

Cleaning Up After A Life

I learned in August that Helga Frank passed away. Helga lived at my place from 1998-2001, and when she moved out, she stored some things in my basement. In November, I tried to contact her daughter, Jennifer Hempstead, about Helga's belongings, but wasn't able to do so. So, now, after fifteen years of not touching her stuff, ever, I'm finally touching her stuff. I spent the last six hours cleaning up.

A lot of the stuff should have thrown away in 2001 (the ketchup and salad dressing packets particularly). With other stuff, I'm making executive decisions: tossing out much; incorporating hardware items and Christmas ornaments into my belongings; preparing a box for theater donation; preparing another box of old toys for thrift-store donation; washing dishes for possible use.

Still, there is a hard core of old photos and documents that should not be thrown away under any circumstances, detailing the early lives of Makaila and Malich Hempstead. So, I'm hoping I can get in contact with someone from the family eventually.

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