Saturday, October 01, 2016

The Orange Asshole Again

Trump can't stop talking about Alicia Machado. Can't. Stop. Even though it hurts him every time he mentions her:
The words amount to what we might term 'stand-up narcissism', a demonstration of a personality defect so profound and total that it becomes comedic in a way that makes a decent run at transcending its own awfulness. His self-regard and consciencelessness is so total that it is beyond him to realize that his "a good deed never goes unpunished" lament doesn't make him look like a chauvinist asshole so much as a clownish version of a chauvinist asshole. It so perfectly mirrors Trump's self-immolation with the Khans that it's hard to believe the Clinton staffers who planned this could have imagined it would work so well.
Trump has some nerve talking, having starred in porn himself.
Because Alicia Machado was reigning Miss Universe when Donald Trump took over the Miss Universe Pageant, she isn't covered by one of Trump's aggressive Non-Disclosure Agreements, and can say pretty-much whatever she pleases (same with Jodie Seal, Miss Australia, who was also a candidate in the 1996 pageant):
Since Trump is so notorious and public about his aggressive use of NDAs and non-disparagement agreements in all his businesses, it would stand to reason that he used them as owner of the Miss Universe pageant too. But we don't have to speculate. As GP notes, in 2013 Trump secured a $5 million judgment against a former Miss Universe contestant who publicly claimed the contest was rigged.
But that was post-1996. Alicia Machado had the great good fortune to escape Trump's legal trap.

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