Monday, October 24, 2016

That Was A Bad Idea

OK, maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

I was on an 8 foot tall step ladder, nearing the end of today's effort to trim hedges and tree canopies. I noticed a big dead branch in a tree canopy. As I yanked, the branch strongly resisted coming down, so I tried an eensy-teensy bit harder....

The ladder twisted and toppled onto stones and agaves. I spun around and landed on my back on top of the ladder. Poor, twisted ladder - I crushed it with my weight and it's likely ruined beyond repair. I've got multiple bruises on my ribs, arms, and back, and as I type I'm bleeding onto the computer's mouse from a small cut on my finger. But otherwise, I appear to be largely unhurt. No stab wounds, broken bones or trips to the ER.

Since the storm is coming in, I think maybe I'll resume this task on another day.

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