Sunday, October 23, 2016

An Eventful Day At Costco With Joe The Plumber

Classier people-watching than at Walmart. Here's a big heaping helpful of Coconut Cacafe.

Joe bragged about his many visits to Costco. I ahven't been here for a decade.

Big Dave, the murderous dilettante (who I understand actually makes good bread).

But there was trouble. Dang! The classy folks at Costco lifted my wallet! I drove home and cancelled my credit and debit card.

Several hours later, I received an E-Mail. A classy person had turned it in! We drove back and I got it back. It's sad about cancelling the cards, but there's an upside there too. I've been wanting to cancel certain monthly charitable contributions on credit card but didn't have the heart to. Now, that's done.

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