Sunday, September 18, 2016

Twisty-Stick Bugs II

Bella's been a good girl, so tonight I drove her over to the Safeway supermarket parking lot, her happy place. Bella found discarded slices of pepperoni there, plus a few other goodies.

The hour leading up to 2 a.m. is always interesting at Safeway, since every drunk within a two mile radius tries beat the clock for purchasing alcohol. Had to dodge a Party Bro urinating in the landscaping.

There's nothing like the sight of a limping dog to bring out concern among people, particularly women. One young, hot, drunk preschool teacher fawned all over Bella, who was only too happy to return her kisses.

"Did you do as I suggested?" a woman suddenly called out from her red vehicle. Oh no, it was the Twisty-Stick Bug Lady again!!!

I admitted I hadn't doused Bella's foot in insecticide, as she recommended at our last meeting. "What do you have to lose?" she said. "Look, look at this," she said as she got out of her vehicle. She was dressed in holiday wear bearing images of cartoon characters. She pointed at the sole of her foot. "See these three points? They might be hard to see - I was down by the river today." I didn't see anything, but I nodded yes. "Ant-roach spray really saved me here!"

"Look, look, do you see the white spot on my shoulder?" I remembered seeing that spot from our previous meeting. She said at that time that she had forced a Twisty-Stick Bug out of her skin there. Tonight, her story changed.

"I still have a Twisty-Stick Bug here in my skin. I could chase it out, but - but, I have my reasons for keeping it. I can't reveal ALL my secrets at once!" I suddenly realized she was getting flirtatious. It was time to go home.

I wonder if she incubates Twisty-Stick Bugs? Something like the plot to the movie Alien?

Upon arriving home, I took Bella out of the car. When I turned around, Bella hopped back into the car. She wanted to go back to Safeway.

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