Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Bella is declining pretty swiftly. Her stamina is gone. These days, we take two short walks a day - one in the daytime and one at night, rather than going on one long nighttime walk. Bella rebelled against using the cart I assembled for longer walks - it's just too unnatural for her. She prefers to sprint on her three legs to reach one of several nearby patches of lawn, and rest there until she has enough energy to sprint home. She worries about wandering too far from home - a first, for her.

For me, the short walks are dull. We watch people and animals walk past, and listen to distant traffic. There is a palm tree growing in the corner of the cemetery near where we rest at night, and I spend my time watching it, since I can hear an animal (a raccoon at home?) rustling among the fronds. One of these nights, I'll actually get to see it.


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