Wednesday, July 06, 2016

World's Cutest Baby Skunk

When it comes to fireworks, Bella is the calmest dog I've ever met. Random explosions leave her unruffled, unlike smaller, more irritable yippy type dogs.

Bella did flinch last night, however. She reached a street corner just as a bicyclist came crosswise down the sidewalk at high speed. The quick-thinking bike rider calmly cut across the corner, crossing behind a tree and behind me, and avoided a collision.

Tonight, Bella and I passed into the shadow of a tree. I caught a movement right at my feet. I squinted in the darkness and realized I nearly stepped on the world's cutest baby skunk. Oddly, Bella barely noticed.

Skunks rank up there with Polar Bears when it comes to fearlessness. Skunks will spray if they feel they are in imminent danger, but nearly getting squashed by a blundering biped and his clumsy quadruped companion just isn't imminent enough. Everyone remained calm and unruffled, and carried on.

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