Friday, July 08, 2016

Tracking Down The Fireworks

Bella doesn't seem to mind fireworks much, but in the early hours of Wednesday, I put that tolerance to a test. As we walked along, someone started firing professional-grade fireworks from a residential area. Concussions echoed across Sacramento. I got curious who would do such a dumb-ass thing. So, I started looking.

At the fireworks show every year in Davis, they have police tape to keep people about 100 yards away from the firing fireworks. What we were doing was to cross the tape and walk right up to the firing fireworks.

Bella was concerned - I could see it in her as she drew closer - but she stayed with me. We finally located the yard with the morons, and watched the sparks fly

There were other irregularities this week. We watched a man on a bicycle attempt to carry another bicycle on his handlebars. That's a stolen bike, for sure!

Bella got excited when we heard the yelp of a puppy. Sure enough, there was a black puppy on the sidewalk up ahead, and its owner scooped the puppy up as we drew close.

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