Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Twelve Monkeys

Last night, Bella and I were walking east on T Street when a tall black woman came striding purposefully from the opposite direction. She was wearing a SARS-type mask across her face. I looked at her and smiled. She looked at me and her eyes bored holes through the back of my skull. I figured she must know something I didn't. Bella and I were living in a "let's find cats" reality. She was living in a "12 Monkeys" reality.

Bella wasn't having any viral nonsense, though. She spied a dark shape crossing the street up ahead and dragged me right along in pursuit. I thought it was a cat at first and told Bella to cool it. We followed parallel paths, with the animal running along on one side of a small hedge and us running along on the other side. Then the animal ran right up the trunk of a palm tree. A raccoon! Bella barked and howled in frustration. It just wasn't fair, but life is hard for a dog on Sacramento's streets at night.

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