Monday, July 11, 2016

Have A Nice Illusion

Yesterday evening, Bella and I looked across the DMV parking lot towards St. Joseph's Cemetery. Two people were alternately staring at their phones and looking about randomly. "Look, Bella, those must be some of those Pokemon Go people. If they come over here, start barking."

Last night, just as we started our walk, there was a clatter behind the neighbor's back yard gate. An unfamiliar cat climbed on top of the gate, looked at Bella and myself, and clambered back down behind the gate.

There was lots of good music coming from "On Broadway" late last night. They ditched Lionel Ritchie for the moment and went with Rihanna instead. That's a good move. Live music there too. Someone was wailing on a saxophone. I need to get over there sometime.

I found a set of keys at the street corner and turned them in at the Chevron Food Mart. There was some sort of good-natured negotiation going on inside. Two partiers from "On Broadway" were trying to buy the entire supply of ready-to-eat fast food on display at a discount price. It wasn't clear to me why one would want a bunch of day-old hot dogs, but from a dropped word I wondered if they were going to hand them out to homeless people.

Bella and I headed farther north than usual. We were passing near 20th & P St., so we detoured to see where Will Murti was shot and killed a week ago. The commemorative candles I read about were no longer in evidence, but I did appreciate how close the location was to The Press Club. I wonder if Murti was a patron of that place? Lots of clubgoers were on the sidewalk outside when we passed by.

When Bella and I returned home, Bella charged at a mysterious animal that had been lurking in the yard. Probably that cat next door.

Here is a sidewalk sign on Q St. near 17th.

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