Friday, April 01, 2016

"The Goblin Song" Released Online!

Awesome! This week, Nora Unkel and Wild Obscura Films release "The Goblin Song" online! (It's been on the Film Festival circuit since last year.)

Nora Unkel was raised in the musical embrace of Davis Musical Theatre Company's (DMTC) Young Performer's Theatre (YPT) in Davis, CA, and so it's no surprise her ambitious final film project with NYU Tisch School of the Arts would be a musical!

(Musicals are much harder to produce than regular films because there are so many more pieces in motion.)

Nora exploited every resource available to her, bringing NYU actors and crew to join YPT alumni (such as the talented Cody Craven) and DMTC supporting crew to film in the Sacramento River Delta, and conversely, bringing Davis singers to NYC, to make her project a success.

And succeed it does! Cross-pollinated bicoastal synergy at its best. Best short film ever!

The Goblin Song from Nora Unkel on Vimeo.

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