Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Good Wishes on Walt's Move

Walt writes:
Hey Marc. This morning I found a dozen photographs of you, Marc P Valdez, in the hallway by my office. I didn't put them there. How is this possible?

I reply:
Hi Walt: No idea. I suppose since my blog is out there someone could have gotten photos from there. But no idea about identity. Can you send a photo of a photo? Maybe I can trace contact on blog referrer's log.

Walt adds:
I actually know the answer. today was my last day before moving to a different department, and some of my coworkers decided to roast me. M.B. found the Harrison Schmitt picture on your blog! There are no secrets with the internet!

I reply:
Ha, ha, ha! Yes, it's all public! I've got 15,000+ blog posts out there. Good wishes on your move!

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