Thursday, November 12, 2015

E., and the Legend of the Phoenix

Celebratory birthday dinner with E. and C. at Brookfields, Madison Ave.
M.: I wonder where the Legend of the Phoenix comes from?

E.: Maybe Indians?

M.: No, it's got to be classical mythology.

E.: At Thunder Valley and Red Hawk, they have the Phoenix penny machine. It makes eggs and when the Phoenix are all in a row and you win it's exciting. It's wild and flying and if he hits something it makes a sound like coins and you get a Bonus. The also have the Pelican slot machine. If you get the Pelicans and a Sun, oh wow! One line of big Suns on the left, and all the Pelicans, and you get a bonus. I got $200 that way, but if I had been playing dollars instead of 40 cents I would have gotten $400. They give so little! Just in time C. came around and I said, 'oh look!!'

M.: Maybe the Red Hawk is a Phoenix.

E.: But don't go to the casino because you play big money. They just suck the money. They give so little. I don't play much because of fixed income.

m.: So, what does the Buffalo do?

E.: They just come out. And if the Buffalos don't line up, then nothing. The Buffalo go like 'Mmmmuuuuaaaaaahhh'. And they have a Cow too. Come on, stupid Cows!

M.: Is the Buffalo more intelligent than the Cow?

E.: One time I was sitting next to a black woman and we were losing and losing and she called the attendant and told the attendant: 'This machine is cheating on us. Why aren't we winning? Hey look! There's a Little Man under the machine and he's making it so we can't win! Come here! Do you see it? There is a Little Guy manipulating the machine!' And the attendant laughed and laughed. It's so much fun, the penny machines.

M.: It must be frustrating.

E.: Some people get irritated because they aren't winning. I've seen people box the machine, they get so mad. They break the screen and pound the button. S. and J. took their brother-in-law to the casino and he got mad, so he took off all his clothes and said, 'Here! You want my wallet? You want it all? Here! Here! Here it is! All of it!' And security came and threw him out.

M.: Wow!

E.: Wow!

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