Friday, September 05, 2014

The Sandoval Sisters Are 'Frozen'

There are several California girls on my Facebook feed who regularly dress up as various Disney Princesses and enliven birthday parties and the like on weekends. Still, I was surprised when New Mexico acquaintances, the Sandoval sisters in Albuquerque, decided to do the same. They got covered on the evening TV news!:
Karissa and Mariah Sandoval dress up like Anna and Elsa from the hit animated film "Frozen," and appear at birthday parties and other children’s' events. Now that there's going to be a "Frozen" sequel, the sisters know the momentum will keep going.

"(We are booked for September and now and) are pretty booked up in October, it just depends on the day. But for Halloween, we are pretty booked," said Karissa Sandoval.

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