Tuesday, September 16, 2014

"Shrek - The Musical" Opens At DMTC

Good times! A very tough show to Stage Manage, because of the many props, sets, curtain openings and closings, and fast pace.

Opening night, sporadic errors appeared that we hadn't seen during rehearsal - a headpiece fell off, luggage and props were left on stage, a few lines were dropped - but we did fine. The 'Chorus Line' picture delivery worked fine (well, almost: the procedure is still susceptible to error).

Saturday night, one unique problem occurred we had never seen before, ever: a fly in the light booth landed on the touchscreen for sound effects and triggered a belch three minutes too early. Who knew this could ever happen? (Shakes head)

I was a bit tired Sunday afternoon. I closed a curtain prematurely, but it didn't cause too many problems. Need to recover for nest weekend!

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