Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Not The Brain-Damaged Guy, But The Other Guy

People like to talk to me when I'm laying out the bird seed out back near the Parking Lot, particularly the various Parking Lot Guards:

G: (struggling hard to recover the memory) I remember you! You are the fellow who had brain surgery in Sweden and found Jesus.

M: No, that's not me, but I remember something like that. My friend and I were hiking in New Zealand in 2008 and we talked to another fellow on the trail who recently had brain surgery and he gave thanks to Jesus for his miraculous recovery.

G: Yes, that's it! You remembered the story because it was meaningful. That is how Jesus works. He came to us many years ago but his hands are still outstretched for all who welcome him into our hearts. (Referring to the birds) He has put it in your heart to do this service to the animals of the Earth!

M: So you've been away?

G: Yes. I used to be the parking lot guard here four years ago. I'm back now in order to help pay bills. I'm the pastor of a local church.

M: God bless you!

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