Monday, August 25, 2014

25th Annual Chesley Awards - Woodland Opera House

The Wieringas on the red carpet (Matt was a nominee).

Photographing the arriving guests.

The house.

Emcee Steve Cairns.

Bobby Rogers on sax.

Lou Anderson came back from Arizona to present Woodland Opera House history.

Patricia Glass (she won two awards!): 'lead Actress in a Musical' and 'Supporting Actress in a Play'.

Fred Teichert acknowledges 'Season Underwriters and Sponsors Recognition'.

Melissa Dahlberg wins 'The Lou Anderson Techie of the Year'.

Jordan Hayakawa wins 'Hershey Award of Excellence in Youth Theatre'.

Bob Cooner presents 'Lead Actor in a Play'.

Ryan Adame presents 'Supporting Actor in a Musical'.

Dalton McNeely won for 'Supporting Actor in a Musical' (Marius in Les Miserables).

Rodger McDonald presents 'Lead Actor in a Musical'.

Emily Jo Seminoff presents 'Lead Actress in a Musical'.

Rodger McDonald sings 'The Impossible Dream' from "Man of La Mancha".

Rodger gave a moving tribute to the memory of Tevye Ditter, and talked about the privilege of tying his shoelaces. Very gracious!

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  1. Elona Benefiel3:42 PM

    Love the red carpet!! Hi Lou, Hi Roger...good to "see" you both! Sure miss the Opear House and every I knew there!
    Elona Benefiel (Chesley "Foreigner" and "Lone Star Love Potion"