Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dirty Water - The Standells

Given the troubles in Boston, I'm reminded of this song.

I first started making a deliberate effort to listen to pop music in 1968, when I surreptitiously took possession of the portable transistor AM radio my dad bought in 1962 to get us through the Cuban Missile Crisis. I still have that radio, and have even tried to get it used in DMTC's production of 'Grease' (except that it was too small to register with the audience). It was a fantastic radio, and I used to take it out back by the clothesline and telephone pole when I lived in Corrales and listen to remarkably-distant radio stations with it (KFI - Los Angeles; WHO - Des Moines; KRLD - Dallas; KSTP - Minneapolis/St. Paul; among others).

'Dirty Water' was the first song from the radio that I remember really liking. I still like it, and it hooked me on pop music forever.

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