Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dismantling The Drum

M.: Here's the drum I got in Loomis!

T.: NNNNOOOO! You got ripped off!

M.: I don't feel like I got ripped off....

T.: Brother shouldn't have done that to you! You spent how much, and you can't even play it? I'm gonna go to Loomis and give him a piece of my mind!

M.: $300.00. But that's OK. I knew it had issues. It looks nice! And it's from Africa! By putting a new head on the drum I'll bond with the instrument!

S.: Yeah, it'll give Marc a chance to bond with the instrument!

T.: People shouldn't take advantage of new students!

M.: It'll be OK. All I need is a goat skin.

S.: Yeah, all Marc needs is a goat!

Others: (laughter)

M.: And if I can't use the drum on Saturday I'll pound on the goat!

T.: Here, start untying those tight knots and let's take the drum head off.

(more than an hour and a half later)

T.: Now all we have is the shell. The drum head rings are much too large: that's probably why the drum head ripped in the first place. They've got to be tighter! And the drum's dusty. Hmmm.... I'm conflicted. I have two other drums that need servicing too, and I know just the people to do it quickly, but I wonder if this is the right situation? Hmmmm..... Hmmmm..... In the morning, give me a call, and let's pay her a visit.....

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