Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Call Of The Wild

Since adopting Bailey The Bunny last June, I've generally tried to give the bunny maximum space, in order for Bailey to be all the bunny he can be. Bailey has free reign over the back yard, and can enter and leave the garage at will.

Not surprisingly, given all the space, Bailey has soldiered on by being quite independent - even standoffish. Bailey is determined to live as free and wild a life as he can, under the circumstances.

As the weather turned colder, Bailey coped by growing thicker fur. It hasn't been really very wet yet, so there hasn't been any shelter crisis to speak of, but Bailey seems to prefer to remain outside, or hide under a tree branch in the rain, rather than seeking shelter, so there may be time for a shelter crisis in the months to come.

Bailey's habit, strangely enough, is to seek shelter in the garage during the day, when it's warmest, and remain in the open in the back yard at night, when it's coldest. I didn't understand this habit at first, but there have been several nights when I've seen a nasty-looking, rat-like little possum enter the garage at about 3 a.m. to scavenge bits of Bailey's food. There are no guarantees that other animals like raccoons can't enter the yard. Even though there is a light on in the garage at all hours, it may be that Bailey fears being cornered by predators in the garage at night. Remaining in the open is preferable at night, particularly since hawks can't see him then.

The only flaw in Bailey's give-me-room strategy is the need for food. The yard isn't big enough to provide all the food a rabbit might need, so I helpfully provide Bailey ample vegetable material. He's so cute, the eager way he runs over when he realizes it's me in the yard. And he is so crude too, the way he selfishly rips food right out of my hands.

Bailey clearly hears The Call Of The Wild, and he acts on it.

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