Saturday, October 22, 2011

CORE Dance Collective - "The Doorway" - Second Opening

The spirits of the house welcome their guests for the evening!

A highly-irrational start to an evening of dance with Sacramento's best dancers!

I could tell things would get a bit confused during the evening, when I complimented one of the cast, who was collecting tickets. "Nice eyelashes," I said. She closed her eyes, exposing the long, lush false eyelashes, and opened her eyes again. "What eyelashes?" she said.

Then I begged to admitted to the house. A languid spirit on the stairs said "No!" I persisted. Then she said yes, and I was pushed into the house.

Jacob Montoya.

Need more be said?

This spirit maintained eye contact, regardless.

Elsewhere, another spirit said "Give me back my dollie!"

"Take a picture of the happy couple", the irrational sprite commanded. So, I did.

'If they can be irrational, I can be irrational', I thought. So I asked this spirit "Are you made of porcelain?" She hotly denied it, but another passing spirit said I was absolutely correct.

The lobby of the house.

Portraits of the inhabitants of the house.

Ashley Celaya Willingham.


I saw F. at intermission. He said: "My understanding is that this group is at the top of the food chain." I nodded in agreement, then wondered precisely what that meant. I had never thought of dancers being the equivalents of guppies before.

Blair Cacanando.

The Apprentices.

Alexis Bailey.

Catrina Davis.


Bows: x, Marguerite Knipe, Christina Day, Anne David, Jacob Montoya, Andrew Hopper.

"The Doorway" October 21, 22 & 27, 28, 29, 2011
7:30 pm

Benvenuti Performing Arts Center
4600 Blackrock Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95835

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