Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Mayans Foresaw This, And Trembled

E.: Sometimes I think Chris and I should break up. He just doesn't have any money!

M.: But he's a nice guy, and that's more important than money.

E.: That's true.

M.: Is he still thinking about moving to Texas?

E.: I told him I didn't want to live in any place except California. This is the place I've lived longest and know more about than any other place! And if we moved, I wouldn't be able to see you, my Baby Brother!

M.: But his son is there.

E.: But his son has his own family, and his own life.

M.: That's true.

E.: Chris is thinking we should marry in a year-and-a-half.

M.: (*choking*) Year-and-a-half? Is that a proposal?

E.: I don't know - there's so little money. Still, the band will definitely play at the reception. But there is one problem. There is no one to give me away. Would you, my Baby Brother? Would you give me away?

M.: It would be my honor!

(Year-and-a-half? What's in a year-and-a-half? Thanksgiving, 2011? Is that when the Mayan Calendar actually ends?)

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