Thursday, December 03, 2009

Store Mascots

I was walking past the new ice rink at J and 20th Streets, heading towards the Subway sandwich shop, when I saw someone next to the ice rink dressed up in a green suit, in what appeared to be a chef's hat.

At first, I thought the fellow was dressed up as a green chili, but closer examination of the suit revealed little bumps - a cucumber, maybe. Just then, Lori from Subway saw me, crossed the street, and said hello.

"Who is that guy?", I asked. "Oh, that's Mr. Pickles" she replied. "He's my competitor - they make pretty good sandwiches!" "Well, you need to do something like that to keep your customers, don't you think?" She laughed, jumped up, and starting doing an impromptu dance, shaking her booty at the passing traffic on J Street, and singing "Look at me - I make sandwiches too!"

Very cute!

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