Friday, May 01, 2009

Sayonara, Squirrel #9

Taking the garbage out this morning, I startled two crows practicing amateur dentistry on a squirrel corpse by the bird seed patch next to the back alley (wow - they completely removed a canine tooth!) Those squirrels are so focused on the sunflower seeds that they don't react until the passing cars are nearly right on top of them - then they respond by running under the tires. So much for mammals representing an advance on quicker-thinking birds!

I opened the garbage bag and stuffed the still-warm corpse into the dried-out flowers and the discarded frozen dinner packages that make up my weekly refuse. Despite my interruption, the bold crows didn't fly off, but made do with scattered flesh remaining on the pavement.

"Is that a rat?" asked a woman heading to work at the DMV. No, just a cul-de-sac on evolution's remorseless path....

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