Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Like Swine In Clover - Conspiracy Theorists Are All Over This New Bug

Talk radio this evening was an interesting study in contrasts.

Down at the generally-irresponsible end of the conservative radio dial (650 AM) the talk was very reasonable; about how one shouldn't panic, but instead, take a deep breath, and just keep an eye on things and see what happens.

Meanwhile, at the generally-responsible end of the conservative radio dial (KFBK 1530 AM - George Noury Coast-to-Coast AM) the talk was very lurid indeed. About how swine haven't been infected by this swine flu. About how the bacterium, composed of three separate kinds of flus, must have been engineered. About how the infection was set up to take our minds off of torture and bad banks. About how the Greens want to cut the world's population by half, right now, and about how the UN is making a power grab. About how the media is being manipulated to stampede people into taking the "vaccine", and about how vaccine dissenters will be herded into camps.


As a child, I never went to camp. I'd like to go to camp. Wouldn't you? Maybe the time is now? Even if it's a camp run by the Greens, where I'll be forced to eat tofu and ride bicycles and recycle soda cans, whether I want to or not?

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