Sunday, April 12, 2009

Britney Spears "Circus" - ARCO Arena - April 11, 2009

I ended up with far more pictures of Britney's derriere than of her face - somehow "Piece of Me" now seems far less like a challenge and far more like a prophecy....

Left and Below: Britney's show featured many other highly-skilled performers.

Left: Certain color cues stimulate the baboon male (and truth be told, the human male as well....)

Left: The projections on the stage's big cylinder at the show's start were quite impressive!

Apparently this wicked-looking fellow is Perez Hilton.

I was experimenting with a video camera I borrowed and I got lots of really crappy video (one trouble with this camera is close-ups).

For 'Bows', however, I brought the zoom back in order to focus on the visual displays on the set, and those make interesting viewing....

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