Thursday, March 19, 2009

Buzz Hunters

What's Stephanie Skewes up to now?

Fun stuff!

The Fresno Bee explains in more detail:
Clovis West High School grad Stephanie Skewes has landed a part in what could be the first episode of a new ABC series, "Buzz Hunters." She plays a fictional character who has a job similar to the real job Simonian has [entertainment news reporter].

The show centers on Janet Klein (Skewes), an entertainment reporter who is just a little obsessed with "Grey's Anatomy." Along with a cameraman and fellow entertainment snoop, Klein goes on a comedic hunt for buzz about ABC shows. So far, that has meant interviews with Rob Lowe and Tom Bergeron.

Skewes landed the role despite being nothing like the description of the character.

"They said they were looking for someone who was a cross between Tina Fey and Zooey Deschanel," Skewes says. " And they wanted someone in their 30s. I am in my 20s. But I got the part."

The first episode aired over the weekend in several markets, including Fresno. Skewes believes the reason it only aired in limited markets and at odd times, was that it was just a test. She will know soon if she will get to slip back into the interviewer role.

Either way, she got to chat with Lowe and Bergeron. She describes the interviews as part serious and part offbeat. Since she had never interviewed anyone on camera in her life, she was happy both actors were so accommodating.

If there are further episodes, Skewes would love to talk to cast members of "Lost."

Skewes has been chasing an acting career since leaving Clovis and graduating from the University of California at Davis. She had a small role in the feature films "Wild Hogs," "Growing Out" and "Kemper." She played a sexy pirate-turned creature in "Plaguers."

"This film won two awards at a festival in Argentina: best screenplay, and audience favorite," Skewes says.

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