Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Domestic Disturbance" Signing Party - Celebration Arts

Left: Carla Fleming finishes the evening with a rousing rendition of Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman".

Saturday evening, Celebration Arts hosted a signing party for singer Carla Fleming, upon the release of her new CD, "Domestic Disturbance." Carla is part of the "Step One" family and I sometimes see her in aerobics class. Along with the dancers, she was featured recently in Pepper Von's "Let's Go!" at Garbeau's Dinner Theater. She is a phenomenal R&B singer!

Carla knows (and has known - death being a permanent state) too many friends caught up in the scourge of domestic violence - hence this album. Celebration Arts hosted the party and show, which featured two poets, and another singer, Reming Livingstone, plus some of Step One's favorite dancers.

The two women poets (LaRue and Immobme) were quite good, and sang poems of romantic longing, echoing the theme of the night. (The name "Immobme" is apparently a contraction of "I'm going to be me", or "Im Mo Be Me").

I had the impression (not confirmed) that a portion of the proceeds will go to aid the victims of domestic violence.

Left and below: Carla Fleming.

Left: Evening co-hosts Jean Hooks, and "Jack".

Below: "Reming" Livingstone.

Left: Carla Fleming, and dancers. Dancers, left to right; Hannah Collins, Misty Barker, Alli Phelps, Gabrielle Perez.

Left: Carla Fleming. Dancers, left to right; Hannah Collins and Misty Barker.

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