Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What Aging Dogs Don't Notice

During our nocturnal sojourns after 2 a.m., I act as Sparky's eyes. This is good, because I'm not sure he can see all that well anymore, and given his much lower height, it's no surprise he misses things. Cats hiding behind parked cars, Sparky usually finds, by using his nose, but he doesn't notice other cats who craftily stalk him from behind (like three nights ago) as he blunders through the flower beds adjacent to the sidewalks. Sparky didn't notice the three fast-moving possums cross the street two nights ago. And last night, Sparky missed the fact that I turned down a side street. I veered back and approached him from behind, calling out to him. For some reason, Sparky couldn't tell I was behind him, and he started running forwards towards where he thought I was. I started running after him, calling more urgently, and soon we were both running at top speed, in hot pursuit, down the deserted streets of nighttime Sacramento.

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