Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oh No! Mr. Tumble!

The importance of dialect in sign language:
ANGRY parents have accused BBC TV character Mr Tumble of greeting watching children by saying "I'm f****** you" in sign language.

But the CBeebies character, the star of Something Special, has defended his greeting, saying his gestures mean "I'm happy to see you".

...Mr Miller, who said the signs for "happy" and "f******" are quite similar, contacted the BBC five times but Mr Tumble continues to open the show by saying with "I'm f******* you".

The BBC has defended Mr Tumble - presenter Justin Fletcher - saying he uses Makaton signals, which are different to British Sign Language.

... “Makaton is used more for children with learning difficulties — it is essentially a different language.”

In British Sign Language “happy” is shown by gently brushing the palms against each other. The swear word is made by brushing the hands together between the thumb and first finger.

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