Thursday, October 19, 2006


A helpful reminder from the Crest Theater newsletter. I'll be at the Pyramid Ale House at 6 p.m., with Cheryl and Becca, and whoever else, and then we'll walk over to the Crest at 7 p.m.:
Show time 7 p.m. FREE!

With $38 billion in debt, mounting job losses, a broken workers comp system, faltering infrastructure and a cold shoulder from the White House, what does the fifth largest economy in the world tell its governor? You’re fired! Using a musty old law from the progressive period in California politics, a handful of wealthy Republicans mount a campaign to recall Democratic governor Gray Davis. In the process, they open the doors to every registered voter who can pay $3500 and obtain 65 signatures to get on the ballot. Among those who qualified, Lorraine Abner Zurd Fontanes, decided to document her pursuit of California’s highest office on video. The resulting feature film is a naked, honest and, yes, absurd portrait of a novice politician who takes on Arnold in the glare of a bemused and skeptical media who denigrate the recall as a circus.

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