Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Our Jaws Drop in Amazement

Walt and I have have been trying to wrap our brains around how prolific our former classmate, Lawrance Bernabo, has been in writing reviews for Amazon.com. Yesterday, Walt wrote:
What I can't figure out is how someone could find the time, or inspiration, to write 11,646 reviews. If he started 10 years ago, he'd have to average 3.2 per day since 1996. How often do you see 3 movies in one day, or read 3 books, or even listen to three new CDs? Have you ever done 22 in one week, ever? Lawrance Bernabo apparently has done 22 per week, every week, for 520 weeks. Or maybe its only 45 per week for 260 weeks.
Today, Walt writes:
Since I wrote you yesterday, Lawrance Bernabo has written 10 more reviews: 4 movies/TV shows, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 3 books, 2 music albums, and one flag (yes, a flag). He has now posted 11,656 reviews. I don't think I can catch up to him.

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