Saturday, September 14, 2019

Personal Notes

It looks like there will be a few changes in my life, and I wanted to take note of them.

I auditioned for DMTC's production of Gypsy, coming this November, and succeeded in getting in. Fun!

I am having difficulty with a rapidly-evolving umbicular hernia. My thinning abdomen is a menace. It's like a slow-motion version of the movie Alien, wherein my small intestines are threatening to leap up and leave my belly button. Taking care of dogs is increasingly a problem. A happy dog can jump on me and inadvertently slice me open and disembowel purely by accident. I've talked to a surgeon, and hope to have surgery fairly soon, hopefully when things cool off, perhaps in the winter, after Gypsy closes.

The biggest recent change is work-related. Shortly before I left Sierra Research, in 2015 or 2016, I discussed my coming departure with fellow co-worker Dan Welch. He wanted to start up his own firm, and we agreed I would do air-quality modeling for him when he was ready. And I heard no more about it for several years.

Last week, Dan called, and said he was ready. So, I will soon be doing air quality modeling for pay again. I'll be a subcontractor, and so pay will likely be a bit hit-and-miss, but at least I won't be taking money from my retirement savings quite so much. Maybe I'll be able to travel again. And I won't have to attend quite so many purposeless meetings as I once did. Something nice!

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  1. A lot of news!

    Congrarulations on auditioning and getting into Gypsy!

    It sounds like a good thing you are preparing to take care of the umbicular hernia. I hope that goes well.

    Congratulations on your new employment adventure! It sounds like an interesting opportunity that will let you use your professional skills, and create more financial opportunity and possibilities. Travel sounds like fun!