Monday, May 20, 2019

On The Cusp

It appears that Sacramento has indeed set a May rainfall record, at least downtown. (Apparently they announced it on the radio yesterday. I wanted to blog about it earlier, but the numbers still seem unusually squirrelly.) 3.28 in. have fallen at the downtown station, beating the 1889 record of 3.25 in.

Nevertheless, the record isn't broken entirely in the Sacramento area. 3.06 in. have fallen at Sacramento Executive Airport, a bit behind the 1948 record of 3.13 in.

So, it may be more correct to state that we are on the cusp of breaking the May rainfall record in the Sacramento area. We just need a touch more.
With 12 days left in the month and at least a little more rain in this week’s forecast, downtown Sacramento has already broken a 130-year-old record for May rainfall.

As of Sunday’s downpour, downtown has received 3.28 inches of rain this month, National Weather Service reports. The previous record of 3.25 inches was set in 1889.

Sunday also blew past daily rainfall records - totals of 0.84 inches downtown and 0.86 inches at Sacramento Executive Airport well surpassed totals of 0.46 and 0.54 inches, respectively, which had both been recorded in 1948.

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