Thursday, June 21, 2018


In the blizzard of spam I get, I'm tempted by one academic come-on: "3 papers mention Marc Valdez, including one by a highly followed author with 377 followers." Of course, you have to sign up for the premium service to discover who this ethereal person might happen to be.

One of their testimonials announced that their service "was better than Google Scholar." I had never heard of Google Scholar. I haven't looked at a citation index in thirty years. At least Google Scholar is free.

I was amazed when I looked. My Atmospheric Sciences Master's Degree paper has 89 citations, and my three Ph.D. papers have 59, 58, and 45 citations, respectively. I've apparently had more impact than I realized. I'll have to read some of these papers.

Now, if I can get some traction with my "Breaking Bad" books.

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