Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Bad Company

New Mexico man flees to Florida and mixes with a bad crowd of bikers and FBI agents:
When Apodaca first came to the attention of the FBI, he was living in a trailer in Davie, Fla., north of Miami, behind the clubhouse of the”Dirty White Boys Motorcycle Club,” which prosecutors say supports more notorious motorcycle gangs such as the Outlaws.

...The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that a fellow white supremacist-turned-FBI-informant testified at trial that at the Davie clubhouse, Apodaca had told him “tales of violence,” including about his role in McGuire’s slaying. In response, Apodaca testified that the stories of violence were just bravado, referring to them as “tall tales and legends.”

Regardless, the FBI in Miami was intrigued enough to open up an investigation into Apodaca in May 2016, supposedly to “mitigate any potential threats posed by Apodaca and to determine whether he was engaging in criminal activities.”

The agents didn’t find any evidence that he was.

So in September 2016 they introduced themselves, posing as “affluent violent members of a criminal organization with white supremacy extremist beliefs” in a covert undercover warehouse in Broward County, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.

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