Monday, April 16, 2018

Trying Out My New Bat-Monitoring App

I've recently obtained three apps for the iPhone that promise to act like Shazam for wildlife, including two apps for bird calls. Tonight, though, was test run for the app designed for bats. If you want to listen in to those high sound frequencies, you first have to buy the ultrasonic module (about $200).

I headed down to the Midtown bat colony I first noted when I used to walk Bella. It's a perfect place for bats.

Got some nice recordings of bat chatter! The app identified most of the recordings as being from Mexican Freetailed Bats, but some recordings were identified as being from Big Brown Bats. I don't know if it means both bats were present, or if the app has trouble distinguishing between them.

I was a little surprised at the large gaps between episodes of bat activity, as if their numbers were small and scattered. It's a little early for bats. Mexican Freetailed Bats (the same bats one finds in the huge colony under the I-80 Yolo Causeway) only start arriving from their Mexican wintering spots in March. By July, there should be more.

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