Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Stupid Wine Tariffs

Given worldwide overproduction of wine, the U.S. can ill-afford losing Chinese market share - one of the few places with growing demand - but that’s what Republican misrule will give us:
But China, which included wine on a list of 128 products worth $3bn targeted for potential tariffs, is confident that its growing market power, fuelled by a rising middle class, will give America pause.

That's true even when it comes to wine, which represents a tiny fraction of the trade between the two countries.

Exports represent only 5% of overall US wine sales. And only about 5% of wine exports, some $79m, are destined for China.

Wine-makers are worried about tariffs anyway. They say even if they can afford to lose business in China now, the country is critical to the industry's future.

"We're not in a position to lose market share," Mr Parr says.

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