Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sacramento "March For Life" - March 24, 2018

I went down with Wei to attend the Sacramento "March For Life." It was a little hard on me - I was having a bit of a relapse on Friday and Saturday, but the effort was definitely worth it. The march started at Crocker Park and went a fairly-short distance to the west steps of the California State Capitol building.

When the Sacramento March For Life reached the California State Capitol on Saturday morning, an error became apparent. An inferior megaphone made it impossible to hear the city’s leading politicians speak. The audience chafed in frustrated, enervating silence.

Then several things happened for the better. A louder megaphone was brought in. The audience dwindled to a more intimate size. And most importantly, politicians stopped speaking and high school students began testifying. Suddenly, things got much more interesting (see video above).

One of the speakers (the young woman under the ‘Am I Next’ poster in the video thumbnail picture) praised the rally for being so diverse. Myself, I thought it was still pretty white. But no question, the rally’s most die-hard participants tended to be from the young cohort. Their moral clarity was fierce.

High school students see perfectly well how their lives are being sacrificed to provide for the comfort and convenience of gun fanatics. They will soon become the votingest young generation America has ever known. And they know exactly who their mortal enemies are:

On the march we passed by 555 Capitol Mall (the building on the left) - the Sacramento lobbying headquarters of the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Speaking here was Dr. Richard Pan, my representative in the California State Assembly. Could. Not. Hear. A. Single. Thing. He. Said.

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