Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Homeless Island

Joe the Plumber talked about getting into trouble out here last winter. Hopefully things are better where you can find him these days, behind Costco:
A group of homeless people was rescued by the Sacramento Fire Department early Tuesday after their camp under the Garden Highway overpass became isolated by rising water levels caused by Monday’s record-setting rain.

Some of those who were trapped were able to get to safety by using an inflatable mattress, but one woman was left stranded on a newly-formed island, according to Sacramento Fire spokesman Chris Harvey. Fire crews were able to reach the woman by boat and escort her to safety.

While there hasn’t been much rain so far this winter, downpours like Monday’s, which dumped 2.38 inches of rain on downtown Sacramento, can quickly affect water levels.

During the course of last year’s torrential rainy season, the Sacramento Fire Department rescued 25 individuals people trapped by rising water, Harvey said, noting that many of the rescues took place within the same general areas near creeks and rivers — popular locations for homeless camps.

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